Hui (Sarah) Li 李卉 is a multimedia producer, storyteller and adventure seeker who lives in Singapore. She is currently a Master of Public Policy student at Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore. Before she went to Singapore, she was a researcher and video producer at The New York Times for three and a half years.

Born and raised in the mountainous Fujian Province along the southeast coastline of China, Sarah was taught to treat human and nature with gratitude and kindness. This life philosophy has shaped Sarah into a person who truly cares about the people and the world around her. She becomes a person who is very much willing to listen carefully to other people’s sorrow and happiness, also to help when she can.

After high school, Sarah left hometown and studied broadcast journalism at Shantou University. The 4-year college life was more like an adventure for her – besides study, Sarah also put herself into the real journalism world at a very young age. First year in college, Sarah was chosen to be one of the six student journalists of an international reportage program and spent ten intensive days reporting political and cultural stories throughout the country of Malaysia. In her second year, she went to Guangzhou alone and interned with one of the best newspaper in China – the Southern Metropolis Daily, and her first day at work was to report a hostage and shooting case. Third year, she traveled far north to Beijing and joined The Guardian’s video team for the whole summer, where she produced her very first documentary all by herself. In her final year, she went even further away to Thailand and Cambodia. These experiences not only taught Sarah how to work as a journalist, but also to think differently and become a better person.

Upon graduation, Sarah committed herself to the work of journalism and storytelling. After spending more than a year in Phoenix New Media as a video journalist and a photo editor, Sarah joined The New York Times as a researcher and video producer for China and Asia stories. Working as a journalist in China is not easy, and it is especially challenging for Chinese nationals. Due to China’s regulation and security concerns, Sarah’s name doesn’t usually appear in formal bylines. But that doesn’t deny her effort and perseverance – she only becomes tougher and more professional. After working at the Times for three years, Sarah and her colleague together produced more than 30 video stories, covering all sorts of topics in China, including human rights, environment, business, and even style and tourism. These stories gained millions of hits and have let audience around the whole world become aware of what’s really happening inside of China.

Sarah is the researcher and line producer for a series of award-winning documentaries, including “How China Is Changing Your Internet”, which won the 2017 Word Press Photo.

More details about Sarah’s works can be found on this website (click on the menu). As Sarah joins the study of public policy, she hopes to bring more policy insights into her multimedia production and to bring real changes to the society.

As Sarah’s adventure continues, there will surely be more wonderful stories to tell.


You can find Sarah via:

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