Phoenix New Media

Worked as a photo editor at Phoenix New Media, Sarah managed to produce and edit news-worthy photo essays at a daily basis, as well as maintain her interests in making documentaries at her own time. During her one and a half year at Phoenix, Sarah started a brand-new video program called The Mirror, and produced three million-hit video stories documenting ordinarily people’s life and thoughts in Beijing, China. She talked to a newly-graduate girl who spent 5 hours commuting every day, to discuss urbanization issue and the stress that young people are facing in today’s society; she met a same-sex guy who prefers people to call him “big sister” but not ready to come out to his family, and discovered the confuse and excitement of expressing one’s true self; she travelled to a remote village in Henan Province to visit a 50-year-old guy who ran the nation’s one-and-only Mao Zedong Middle School – which was still teaching children about the Little Red Boom and revolutionary songs – to unveil the popularity of Mao-ism in 21st century China.

phoenix_mirror_3_mao_school  phoenix_mirror_1_commute