Shantou University

Cheung Kong School of Journalism and Communication at Shantou University is the place where Sarah discovered her true interests in visual storytelling. 

At first, she joined the journalism study due to her love in sports and a dream of becoming a sports news anchor at the national tv. During her first year in college, Sarah participated in a variety of courses and become one of the six student journalists chosen from 160 competitors for an international reportage program. She spent ten intensive days reporting cultural and political issues throughout the country of Malaysia. Thanks to this precious opportunity, Sarah found her talent and enthusiasm in video production. 

Since then, Sarah switched her focus to visual journalism. Not only she excelled in her academic study, Sarah was also extremely active in interning at a various of nation- and world-famous news organizations, including Southern Metropolis Daily (Guangzhou), Guardian (Beijing Bureau) and Inter Press Service (Asia-Pacific office in Bangkok). She didn’t just intern to gain experience so she could be better prepared for future journalism work – Sarah really enjoyed and immersed herself in chasing up sources, sweating around deadlines and most importantly, talking and listening to other people’s stories. 

During her graduation season, Sarah also found fun in producing movies. She and three of her classmates together made a 60-min movie the Fishbowl, discussing the issues of love, work and family that students would encounter in their college life. Sarah was the co-directer, screenwriter and director of photography in this movie.

Besides above, Sarah also served as the editor-in-chief of the school’s news center, a teaching assistant at the school’s convergent media lab, and was also a member of the school’s dance team. Long story short, Sarah filled her college life with perfection and joy.

But most importantly – if you ask, she would tell you that the most wonderful thing happened to her in college was that – she was lucky enough to meet her life mentor and true friends in Shantou University.